"Admission to surgery"

About: Flinders Medical Centre

(as the patient),

After having my operation cancelled on me months ago, I finally got another surgery date recently. The day before being admitted to hospital, I have again been cancelled on. I can't believe it! Why am I being cancelled again and not someone else? Surely after being cancelled once I can expect that my next surgery date would be honoured by this hospital, especially having seen on Facebook all the money they have just spent on this facility. I am beginning to think I'll be dead before I get the surgery that I desperately need. Now my doctor is thinking of cutting off my pain relief because they are saying I'm taking too much and yet they are the ones that have given it to me to help me function with some kind of normality. 

Basically, can't you guys get your stuff together and stop putting off the same person all the time and allow them to get the surgery they need?