"VBAC Protocols."

About: The Townsville Hospital / Maternity Unit

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I have 4 children and am planning for my 5th with my current partner. I am low risk VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Ceasarean) mum with 2 successful VBACs, yet I cannot use the birthing centre that is right next to my local public hospital purely because I will be having my baby via VBAC. For this reason I will be staying home for as long as possible as I refuse to have CFM (Colour Flow Mapping) - when a Doppler is enough and be confined to a bed and have cervical checks regularly. My labour and birth will be as natural as possible, drug free and no interventions as long as myself and baby remain happy and healthy no matter how long the labour takes. For this reason I will not go to the hospital unless I feel something is wrong with me or my baby and will be buying my own home Doppler to check my baby on a regular basis. For low risk VBAC mums we should be allowed to utilise the birthing center next to the hospitals and I think the Queensland medical board needs to review this and make Birthing Centers available for low risk VBAC mums.