"An upsetting experience"

About: Sandringham Hospital / Accident & emergency

(as the patient),

I went to Sandringham Hospital's Emergency Department recently, and I was greeted by possibly the rudest receptionist that I have ever met. I was in the hospital seeking medical care for whiplash triggered by a car accident and was incredibly dizzy, faint, and nauseous. The receptionist rudely greeted me. They asked me (in one sentence) whether I had private health insurance and whether I wanted to lodge my claim with the TAC (Transport Accident Commision). I responded yes to both, but they only took down my health insurance information. After being sent to the waiting room and greeted by a very lovely nurse, I asked if there were any forms to sign for my TAC claim - she checked the system and said I had opted out, despite the fact that myself and my mother had quite clearly said we wanted to lodge a claim. I got sent back to this same receptionist, who with incredible disrespect (especially considering how obviously unwell I was - I could not walk or stand without support) asked me about the accident. I provided them with all necessary information to the best of my ability and was then given a lecture about how selfish it was of me to not make the claim the first time I saw them, and how patients like me are an incredible pain. As I was unwell and near tears, I did not see the point in arguing further with them. I and my mother are both completely certain that we made clear our intention to lodge a claim with the TAC, especially given that my financial situation would give me no choice. We were both horrified with the way I was treated. In my opinion, if this was done by an office receptionist this would be considered rude, but by an ER receptionist, I feel it was incredibly rude. After hearing nothing back from the TAC I called them and was incredibly disappointed to find out that the receptionist had not even attempted to lodge my claim with the TAC - despite the fact that they said that they would and it is their job.