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(as the patient),

Good Day,

Ipswich QLD Hospital is our local hospital.

Earlier this year my elderly mum went in to hospital. In my opinion they took her private hospital details to get extra money. Only offered her sandwiches to eat.  She was in a little over 24 hours.  

She didn't get her medications - as I didn't take in the Webster pack or her insulin.  

I thought that was bad enough. I recently went in - chest pains and shortness of breath. Had had it for a few days - but was lax about going in.

I was in there at 4pm totally out of breath from walking about 50m.

Was sent for ECG and went for chest x-ray.  So after 6pm I get to treatment room - my elderly mum was with me.  Another ECG - nurse and nurse practitioner didn't know I had a chest x-ray.

Nurse was lackadaisy - said she may want to check my blood sugar levels as I'm a diabetic. My Mum then got a taxi home - heated up my dinner and brought it back to me - with my tablets/insulin.

My mum got back - moved to short term care, as blood test came back no heart attack.

My mum left - got the insulin I had to have - nurse watched me inject myself.  Light on in front of me - giving me a major headache.  So nurse came in about 10pm (note from 7.30 - 10.00 no-one came near me).  She tested my sugar - then said well we better give you your insulin.  I said I think not - already had it.  

I asked if light could be switched off - No.

She left - I then proceeded to get dressed - got another nurse to remove cannula.  Meanwhile this nurse was smirking at me.  I proceeded then to leave.  They wanted me to have another blood test at 1am.  

I left hospital - not one person even asked why are you leaving?

Doctor then rang about an hour later to see if I was OK?

NOTE:  I was there 6 hours and the only time offered anything was a little water to take tablets.  

You complain I have no veins - you don't give me anything to hydrate - without hydration you can't get my vein.



Response from Senior Consumer Liaison Officer, Clinical Governance, Queensland Health - West Moreton

Dear scutumsf77

In your feedback you said that Ipswich Hospital is your local hospital. We feel that this is an important point because we want our community to feel confident that they will receive the best care possible at their local hospital.

The goal of our Emergency Department staff is to provide each and every patient with supportive, caring and responsive treatment. We are really disappointed we have let you and your mum down and we want to draw upon your experience to help us do better in the future. Please be assured your feedback has been shared with senior staff so that they can speak with their teams and look for opportunities for improvements.

If you would like to speak with us further about your concerns, you can contact the Consumer Liaison Service on 0409 275 503. This is a genuine offer and your call would be very welcome.

Wishing you and your mother all the very best.

Consumer Liaison Service

West Moreton Health

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