"Patient Privacy"

About: John Hunter Hospital

(as the patient),

I was recently admitted to John Hunter Hospital, the result of a mini stroke. Firstly, I would like to know why male patients, in my opinion, are not afforded the same privacy as female. My stay was ok. Most nurses & doctors were fine, but I had 2 nurses who embarrassed me. I was taken for shower on the 5th day and she stayed in the shower cubical whilst I showered & watch me. Also another women came into the shower whilst I was showering. I believe this would not have happened if she had done the same as the previous nurses & stayed  outside checking regularly if I was ok. I  felt harassed & very embarrassed. The other episode I called for toilet early one morning the nurse brought me a bottle & proceeded to stand by my bed  & stare while I endeavored  to use it. I look up at her & she walk away saying she would leave & let me have some privacy. I must say I am still traumatised by these two episodes that were completely unnecessary. Also my curtain was left open even when I  was using the bottle for all who passed to see.    


Update posted by niffty (the patient)

What response I have not received any at least John Hunter should respond, but in my opinion, they obviously do not see fit to.