"Geelong Emergency Department"

About: Geelong Hospital / Emergency Department

(as the patient),

I had recently been prescribed antibiotics by a GP and found myself with what I believe was a reaction to them and after calling the GP they recommended going to the emergency department.   The ladies at the front desk and the nurse who gave me anti-nausea tablet were very nice and patient as I had a lot of trouble with my words and remembering details.   When the doctor came out she was angry at something (pretty unnerving and unprofessional, I thought) and I felt proceeded to aggressively ask about my medical history. I've grown up travelling and have had a lot of weird history I couldn't remember the dates or years of. I said I didn't want to disclose this personal information which was seemingly irrelevant as it was pretty obvious to all the nurses on call and the GP had said it was a reaction to the antibiotics. She thought it was necessary to then question my mental health in such a way that I believe was totally unprofessional. I came in for help, not to be prescribed psych drugs. She practically accused me of being on illicit drugs because I was scatty as a side effect. She blocked the exit when I said I wanted to leave. I got out to the front and ask to wait to see a different doctor because her behaviour had been so stressful to me.   They said I had to be discharged and then re-triaged (another three hour wait). I had to leave with no help and no answers because the doctor who saw me thought that because I didn't want to disclose personal information about history that I was in fact, in need of psychiatric care?  I am alarmed with her behaviour. I hope she was just having a bad day and nobody else had to deal with her.