"Trying to have cataract removed."

About: Gold Coast University Hospital / Ophthalmology

(as the patient),

I waited just over a year for my appointment to have my cataract removed. I was told to allow 2 hours, but it was over 2 hours. But that's fine. What wasn't fine, in my opinion was the lack of care and concern from the ophthalmologist. I was told I would probably need to wear glasses after the cataract removal because they were unable to measure the cataract accurately.  My cataract is apparently very thick and they could only see behind the cataract once an ultrasound was done. I have never worn glasses in my life (except lately for reading). I didn't see why the ophthalmologist couldn't measure my eye for the lens while doing the ultrasound. I got the impression he couldn't care less. He actually said something about it is a public hospital. I couldn't believe it when he said that I wouldn't be sedated for the procedure. My mother and sister were both sedated when they had their cataracts done. He said they don't do that at the public hospital. This is a public hospital you know! They had gone to a private hospital to have their cataracts removed. Then he told me that no one was forcing me to have it done. Do I want it done or not? Sign here if I want it done! I signed somewhere, but I had no idea what I signed because I couldn't even see what it said.

I have since cancelled the procedure. I would rather remain blind in my left eye (I can't see anything), then be awake when I have someone poking around my eye. I believe, not enough care taken. I got the distinct impression that the Gold Coast University Eye Clinic (I think that is what it's called), just want to get people in and out asap, and don't care whether someone needs glasses or not after the procedure. Not happy. In my opinion, if you can afford to go private my advice would be to do it. As for me, I guess I will remain blind in my left eye.