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(as the patient),

After consult with the specialist I was given two options. First Jurnista and secondly not the better option of Methodone to control long term (9 years) chronic pain from copious arthritis conditions in most of my body. 

Upon consulting with my general doctor I decided to go with the Jurnista.

I have been on Oxycontin and Oxynorm during the past nine years. During this time I have tried all suggestions of alternate medications to no avail. 

I have over the 9 years managed to reduce the consumption and although whilst in hospital last year where they increased the overall milligrams by 50% daily. Upon leaving hospital I brought that back down over two weeks to what I had been using for the past 7 to 8 years. I have been fully functional, had a long term physical relationship and worked in a full time position where I was on my feet most of the day. While I would welcome better pain relief (thus the many attempts at the suggested alternatives), none have proved beneficial or even equal. 

Lastly I have been taken off of my medications and left on Jurnista which I believe has robbed me of my life. 

I can’t concentrate, painfully constipated, extra pain areas, overwhelmed by the thought I’m dying, depression and leg jitters. 

Added is Temgesic which has not addressed pain, but did calm the jitters at $27.43 for four tablets when I need 8 a day. I’m on a pension now by the way. This was renegotiated down to $1 per tablet, but I’ve been told the chemist cannot keep this price for much longer. 

Also for the fortnight it’s a tablet called Mementine I’ve been given for $80 per prescription. 

My contention is why cannot I be returned to the tablets/medications that I was on?

In my opinion, I’ve proved (recorded clearly) that I have not abused the use of this drug. In fact I have shown respectful use and control. 

Now my doctor tells me there is nothing he can do without consult from the pain team at Fiona Stanley. They have promised an appointment within two weeks. That has passed. Now it’s unknown. I would just like to know my future. The plan for this change. Just what can I do?

I believe if an animal was in this much pain it would have major attention.  I would like the same courtesy. I just need to understand why they are letting me suffer like this. 


Response from Neil Doverty, Executive Director, Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospitals Group, South Metropolitan Health Service

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Dear eridanusrz89

Thank you for sharing your story on Patient Opinion. I was sorry to hear of your health concerns. You mention that you were referred to Fiona Stanley Hospital Pain Clinic two weeks ago and you have not yet heard from us about an appointment.

Unfortunately without your specific details I cannot follow up to see what has occurred with your referral.

I encourage you to contact our Patient and Family Liaison Service on 6152 4013 or via email at FSHFeedback@health.wa.gov.au who will be able to investigate the issues you have raised and provide you with a detailed response.

In the interim, can I suggest that you visit your specialist or your General Practitioner if your pain worsens and to discuss your concerns.

Kind regards

Neil Doverty

Executive Director, Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospital Group

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