"Told to go somewhere else, and not be accepted to use patient transfer transport."

About: The Alfred

(as the patient),

Last week I missed an appointment because my patient transfer transport was not accepted. I have been a patient at the Alfred for a great many years and have used patient transfer transport for the past few years. I have numerous conditions. I live alone, don't leave the house very much due to shortness of breath. My partner is in a nursing home. I was told to go somewhere else. This would mean I would have to find 4 new doctors, as all my doctors are at the Alfred.

In early 2018 I had a lung test and saw a Registrar afterwards. I don't know the Registrar's name. The Registrar was most rude ordering me that I go somewhere else. The Registrar did not even give me the results of the test.

I found out later I had been taken off the list and had to go to all the trouble to get back on it. Now I have missed that appointment. If I can't use patient transfer then I just won't be able to get to treatments. I have 2 appointments coming up that also will have to be cancelled. No one wants to help me, everyone just passes the buck. So stressed and disappointed.