"Lack of knowledge regarding maternity and birthing options"

About: Moruya District Hospital

(as a relative),

My wife and I are expecting our second child and have been attending Moruya Hospital for checkups. She previously had an emergency cesarean due to complications while we were living interstate. When we relocated to the area we were shocked by the lack of knowledge and options we were presented with and had to discover a lot of information on our own.

Due to this inattentiveness, my wife has to endure a more difficult labour than first thought simply because the nurses and doctors we dealt with at Moruya Hospital were either unknowledgeable about such basic information or simply assumed we knew enough to get by. This sadly comes as no surprise to me but I have grown so sick of this behavior that I desire action to be taken so no one else will receive this kind of treatment simply because we live in a more rural area.

This is your job! Get it right or change careers. You neglected to contact my wife, though you said you would, about complications that we found out about 3 weeks after having an ultrasound because the doctor casually brought it up upon request. Mistakes cannot be made when lives can be so dramatically impacted and there needs to be correction otherwise nothing will change. I hope this makes at least one person actually care or think about their patients and not treat them like a piece of paper.