"Bungling bookings"

About: The Prince Charles Hospital

(as the patient),

The aim of any hospital is supposed to be patient care, yet this bungling organisation can't make a simple patient booking and stick to it. I am continually told my booking has been cancelled because I failed to respond to a booking and a new booking will be made. This has gone on for a year and a half. I get continual excuses and get told it is my fault for not responding to letters. Yet I continually tell them I am not clairvoyant and how can I know to respond to a letter I don't receive.

I have also suggested that any department in 2019 with competent staff could surely send an email to document if they've genuinely sent a message to a patient or not, but I'm told that they don't send emails. Is this for real? 2019 and they can't/don't send emails. For .... sake!

And even on the few occasions I have received a letter and I do contact them and confirm an appointment I then get an 11th hour SMS on my mobile phone telling me my appointment has been cancelled. Yet at the same time, I am holding a letter thanking me for confirming my appointment.

I feel that this hospital is a total disgrace and is an example of a lack of proper health care. In my opinion, I could teach an average teenage child to do the job that the staff at Prince Charles Hospital can't manage to do correctly.