About Patient Opinion

Patient Opinion was founded in the UK in 2005 and since then has grown to be the UK's leading independent non-profit feedback platform for health services. Patient Opinion Australia (POA) was established in 2012 and, similar to its UK counterpart, is registered as an independent not-for-profit charitable institution. Patient Opinion is about honest and meaningful conversations between patients and health services. We believe that your story can help make health services better.

In 2017, Patient Opinion UK became Care Opinion UK, placing all stories about healthcare (primary care, aged care and other care services) on to the one site.

Patient Opinion Australia has grown a lot since the first story was told back in February 2012, and now over 50 Health Services and Organisations are currently subscribed to Patient Opinion Australia.

These organisations include hospitals and hospital networks, primary health networks, mental health services, community health centres, government departments, and other health charities.

See how Patient Opinion impacts on healthcare services with our brochure and video here.

How it works:

  1. Share your story of using a health service
  2. We send your story to staff so that they can learn from it
  3. You might get a response
  4. Your story might help staff to change services

Share your story and help make our health service better!

Patient Opinion regularly features in the national and local press, or you can find out what we are up to by visiting our blog or following us on Twitter or Facebook.

Healthcare organisations  

Patient Opinion works because healthcare organisations are able to easily hear this feedback. If your healthcare organisation doesn’t currently work with Patient Opinion, then get in touch!

For organisations who want to make the most of this system, Patient Opinion offers a subscription service. This service helps busy organisations to use real time feedback to have a genuine impact on their services. We help make sense of the feedback and data, giving your busy staff a simple way to make cost-effective, measurable improvements – that are visible to everyone!

Over 150 organisations subscribe to Patient Opinion. Find out more, and join them today.

Patient Opinion around the world

We are excited to be part of an international family of feedback web sites. Our partner sites are Care Opinion (UK) and Care Opinion Ireland. So if you have healthcare experiences in either country, remember to share your story with them!