Bring Patient Opinion postings or ratings onto your own site

Now you can bring the latest feedback from Patient Opinion about your local services right into your own site, using our stories widget

You can choose to filter the widget by service, place, tag, or any combination. The widget automatically stays up to date.

Here are some examples of the postings widget:

Bass Coast Health

Beaufort and Skipton Health Service

Eastern Health

Haemochromatosis Australia

Health Consumers' Council

North Metropolitan Health Service

How to make your own widget

  1. Go to the search page
  2. Create a search which shows the kind of stories you want. For example, you might want stories about a particular service, from a certain area, or with particular words in.
  3. Now click on the 'Make a widget' link in the bottom left of the page and follow the instructions. It will display HTML code that you will need to splice into the webpage on which you'd like the widget to sit.