Why we involve providers in publication

Patient Opinion exists to help make sure that constructive public feedback is used to make health services be the best they can be. We want to have strong, positive relationships with service users, patients and providers alike.

Patient Opinion is able to include providers in the publication process (see how). We only do this for some types of providers, for example care homes.

Social care provider organisations are extremely diverse. Some are large corporations, while others are small organisations of just a few people, or even just one person. They may be public, private or third sector.

Because of this diversity, providers may take very different views of public feedback about their service. Some may welcome feedback and others may regard it as a threat. A provider that feels threatened may react by trying to stop Patient Opinion from publishing feedback, perhaps by legal means.

What we're trying to achieve

We think that involving providers in our publication process will help our relationships with providers to be positive and constructive, and reduce the risk of legal action.

We are optimistic that the way we involve providers will encourage greater transparency in health care.

We know there are risks in our approach, and we have tried to design a system which will be seen as fair and balanced by everyone involved.

Will it work in practice? Because it is new, we don’t yet know. We’ll make sure we find ways to share what we learn, as we go along.