"In and out of ED in no time"

About: Liverpool Hospital / Emergency Department

(as the patient),

Wow, the Emergency Department has changed a lot compared to a couple of years ago. Gone are the days where I'd be sitting there hours on end waiting to be seen. All up from the time I walked into ED with sharp pains in my abdomen (Gall Stone problems) to the time I walked out (blood test, urine and ultrasound done). Would've been at least 2hrs max. Staff were excellent although being looked over in a corridor, asked personal questions with people walking between myself and the doctor, the floor being polished by the cleaner and another patient sitting right next to me probably wasn't ideal. Should at least have been done in a private room, nonetheless, the nurses and doctors who assisted me were excellent. One thing I did oversee (not directly to myself but to other patients/staff) the triage nurse was quite rude, in my opinion. I feel there is no need for rudeness or talking to people the way they did. Other than that it's definitely improved.