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(as a parent/guardian),

My child has depression and mental health problems where they want to constantly end their life. My child willingly went into Bentley Mental Health Clinic to sort things out.

During my child's stay there, all they did for my child was put them on medication. Some of the nurses there were very helpful whereas I feel others should not even be in that line of work due to total inexperience, and totally not caring about their patients nor their feelings.

My child has been going through these problems for so long and no one has made a difference for them. My child gets so down that they try to commit suicide, gladly not succeeding. I am concerned that the people at Bentley Mental Health have no idea how to help any of their patients. During my child's stay they kept telling my child they wanted them to go as they needed the room and bed. As a matter of fact my child had an appointment on one of the days with the psychologist and when my child came out the nurses told them to pack their stuff and go home. This is not acceptable, I feel there was no compassion at all, just pack your bags and go.

Recently I was in contact with my child who was very upset and crying and kept telling me they didn't want to live any longer. My child is in their 20s with so much to live for but, because of the depression and mental health, is not coping. I feel the nurse was very uncaring about the situation but I managed to get them to go check on my child. My child had an appointment to see the psychologist that afternoon but it seemed nothing could be done until then. That would be four hours later. I feel it is the nurses' responsibility to make sure that their patients are ok and if not, do something about it. 

I got a call from the doctor that my child was seeing at the clinic and again I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall as nothing the doctor was telling me was relevant to my child's situation. 

I believe that most of the people working at Bentley Mental Health Clinic are inexperienced and should not be in that profession. My child told me that one person also tried to end their life while they were at the clinic, I feel this is not acceptable that patients that are in the care of this facility are still able to hurt themselves.

Please for the sake of my child and others that are in that facility, do something about getting experienced people working there, people that are willing to help these poor souls, people that are understanding and caring rather than what is going on there at the moment.

Have discussion groups, which is not happening, so that these souls can tell their stories to each other with a professional councillor in the group. They can then let it all out and with any luck get the help they really need.

I am a concerned parent, I love my child and would be totally lost if I lost them, my child is my world.


Response from Lesley Bennett, Executive Director, Royal Perth Bentley Group

picture of Lesley Bennett

Dear 'Concernd Parent',

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this detailed feedback. Your frustration and distress is evident and I apologise that you have been left feeling this way. As a parent I can empathise with the love you feel for your child and the desire to see them well. Mental illness, as you would know, is highly complex with each patient having different needs and treatment. It is therefore difficult for me to comment specifically here. However, so that we can properly review your child’s treatment to date and provide support going forward, I would like to offer you the opportunity to speak with one of our site Directors. Can I ask that you please contact our Consumer Engagement Unit on 9224 1637 and speak with one of our team. They will ensure that you are put in touch with the appropriate person so that we can give this matter the attention that it deserves.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Lesley Bennett

Executive Director

Royal Perth Bentley Group

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