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"My mother asked to see her husband and was told she needed to wait and see the anaesthetist who again gathered information and asked to sign consent again. Again she asked to see him and was told that they would get a nurse to take her in. She waited for what to her was a long time, so again she asked the triage nurse, and an ED nurse apologised, that there was a miscommunication and he was already in theatre. My father did not regain consciousness. He died then 24 hours later."

About: Fiona Stanley Hospital / Emergency Department
"I can say nothing more than that the pain was excruciating, yet even though I was clearly distressed, the nurse continued with the task and when I asked if they could put a cream or some sort of local anaesthetic, they explained without apology - I can't give you anything as it would take time to take effect and we don't have the time as we have to get patients through as the clinic is full."

About: Royal Perth Hospital / Outpatients Surgical Clinic and Telehealth Service - WACHS Pilbara
"In two weeks I was treated by an utmost professional and caring medical and nursing staff at the S/SEH. The efficiency, communication and consideration of me as a patient by the full gamut of staff reflected 'Bedside Manner' that could only be described as 'a heavenly touch'."

About: Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital
"My physiotherapist made appointments that would suit me, arrived promptly, was presentable and professionally appropriate."

About: St John of God Midland Hospital
"The nurse that looked after him was amazing, kept us all calm, had a joke with us and made us all feel at ease. We were seen almost immediately and the level of care was amazing."

About: Jurien Bay Health Centre
"My father was diagnosed... roughly 6 years ago with Coeliac Disease and requires a gluten-free diet. We filled in his ‘food menu’ card requesting a gluten free meal on the second night of his stay. He was presented with nothing more than a plate of salad for his dinner. I find this absolutely astounding that it seems that the hospital... doesn’t offer replacement meals for patients with allergies, dietary requirements, and diagnoses given to them by teams within the hospital!"

About: Box Hill Hospital and Box Hill Hospital / Dietetics

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