Change a service in your search

To find just the right stories on Patient Opinion, you often have to find just the right service(s) first.

You can think of finding the right service(s) as a two stage process.

1: Find the right organisation or location

The way to start a search is just to start typing in the site search box. If you know the name of the organisation or location (such as a hospital or care home), there's a good chance you'll find it straight away.

If you are adding a service to an existing search, type the organisation or location name into the "add a search term" box.

2: Refine your search further if you need to

Once you have found roughly the service you want, you can refine it further.

For example, you may have added a hospital to your search, but you want to filter your search to just one or two services within the hospital.

To do this, follow the steps below.

Open the Change Service dialog

To refine a specific service in your search, click on the three dots (...) next to the service you want to refine. You can see this in the screenshot below.

Opening the change service dialog

This opens the Change Service dialog.

How the Change Service dialog looks

When you open the Change Service dialog, it looks like this:

The change service dialog

At the top of the dialog you can see the name of the service you are changing.

In the middle, you can see other services within the same organisation which you could use in your search instead.

At the bottom (the empty box) you add the services you want to filter on instead.

How to find and add a service in this dialog

Suppose that you want to filter down your search from "Eastern Health" to the Maternity service at Angliss Hospital. You would first click on "Angliss Hospital" in the dialog. This will enable you to see the services within the hospital. 

Then you would add the Maternity service by clicking the green "+" (add button).

Here's the result:

Adding Angliss Hospital's maternity service

When you click "Update my search", the service you started with (Eastern Health) will be replaced by the service (or services) you added to the lower box - in this case, Maternity at Angliss Hospital.

The final search result looks like this:

The final search for Maternity service at Angliss Hospital

If you wanted, you could change the search again by clicking on the three dots (...).

Note that if you also have other filters as part of your search, they are not changed by refining a service. They will remain as part of your search, after you have finished refining the service you began with.