"Wait times"

About: The Prince Charles Hospital / General surgery

(as the patient),

I have previously been a patient with this hospital, and have nothing but praise for the care received by the staff here. I recently have had a referral for a Colonoscopy due to anal bleeding. Although the care I have received to this point has been excellent, I find the waiting period until the procedure to be extremely stressful, to the point of unbearable. Of course my issue could be nothing more that a bleeding haemorrhoid, however  the human brain does not allow you to be satisfied with this. Mine has me in my grave. I have my GP saying - oh this is not normal and needs to be investigated; the hospital clinic saying you are Category 1 (urgent); and then  no communications at all about how long until the procedure.  When I call to follow up, I feel it is brushed off with a laugh and told - oh you've only been waiting a couple of weeks, it could be months yet. While this may be a normal day to day thing for hospital staff, it is not for me, or I imagine anyone else stressing about their possible outcome. Unfortunately the internet tells us too much information about the deadly outcomes when things are left too long and diseases progress beyond the initial stages. Although the recommendations for wait times are quite reasonable, according to the Hospital KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), it appears there is not enough funding, beds, nurses or doctors, to maintain the waiting times. I know this is not going to help, but I just want to get it off my chest.