"Medical centres"

About: GPs in the Longman Electoral District

(as the patient),

Why the hell is it that nowadays it seems impossible to have a GP who is going to look after you and your family all the time.

In my opinion, in Australia there is so much hogwash being thrown around about privacy but starting from here, where is our privacy....really... every Tom, Dick and Harry who works in a medical center and in particular the reception staff can access....and share with whomever our medical and personal details. So talk about privacy.... I think it's a joke!

Furthermore, how frustrating can it be when you want to see a GP and you have to book some three to four weeks in advance?

So about three weeks ago, I went to a different medical centre where a doctor I had seen before in another centre was now working as he is a specialist in musculoskeletal medicine.

After my first consultation he suggested for me to purchase a specific injection from my chemist and to bring it back to him so he could treat my musculoskeletal issue.

Unfortunately, it took about two days for the chemist to supply me.

When I rang the reception of this new medical centre to come in, I was told that the doctor I needed to see was not available for some three or four days; fair enough.

I recently attended this medical centre that I thought would be better than the one I was previously using to be told that I have to come back another day, as he cannot attend to me today for what I needed. But then, as I requested to see the reception manager I was told that I can go and see six different practices and that's OK.

This response greatly upset me as I absolutely do not intend to see, but one GP to attend to our needs - my partner and I.

I feel that patients are now merely treated as a source of income without really having their patients at heart as it used to be many years ago.