"Care of my parent"

About: The Village by Scalabrini

(as a relative),

My parent is in Scalabrini Village, Drummoyne. I feel the care of my parent in this facility is appalling. I believe they go every day without being changed from their soiled nappies, don't get fed food at any time of the day, so if they are not capable of feeding themselves, they go hungry.

It seems my parent is never given a drink and is always dehydrated. It feels as though their false teeth are never put in by the staff so my parent can't eat even if they wanted to. Their teeth seem to also go missing regularly - to where? I believe my parent doesn't receive the 5 meals a day that is espoused on the website.

I believe we never get notified when my parent has a fall, is injured or any other incident that happens to them. It seems no-one at the office is ever available to make a complaint to and when we do complain, nothing seems to happen. I believe the staff don't even speak English or Italian and it's an Italian nursing home. You've got to be kidding me!

In my opinion, the staff I see stand around doing nothing and it's recorded on the cameras, but I feel nothing is done. It is also my opinion that some staff remove food from the kitchen to consume themselves. We can't even move my parent because the court has determined that they have to stay in this home. Where does that leave us?

I feel that the care of my parent is disgusting and I am at the point where I am considering kidnapping them from this facility and damn the consequences!