"Dedicated, factual, instructive, supportive and educated staff"

About: Lives Lived Well - Chinchilla

(as a service user),

Where can I possibly even begin to start explaining how significantly Dan from Lives Lived Well has guided me to re-shape my life into something so amazing?

I have never ever in the past 25 years come across someone so dedicated and factual, instructive and supportive, educated in their field and primarily, absolutely helpful to people in need of support than I have with Dan.

If you have thought about getting support in the past, but are still on the fence, then I highly, highly recommend that you look into Lives Lived Well (and if you can...see Dan). The tools you receive from this counselling will last a lifetime!

I came in to see Dan after 25 years of unresolved and failed attempts to maintain sobriety with an eating disorder, severe depression, drugs and alcoholism (yup, nothing halfers for me).

As I had seen so many different therapists, doctors, counsellors and psychiatrists in the past with little to no results (except for a new script each time), I was expecting nothing great when I got in to see Dan. I put on my usual "I'm fine" face and tried to manipulate my way through this one just so my family could see that I actually cared about them and was attempting to change for the better (all a big front and show). 

I'm certain he saw right through all that though as he asked me many different and interesting questions relative to my situation, restated facts about what I was going through and finally put a sense of ease in my mind that things could get better. Because of this approach, I have had more 'epiphany' moments since being treated by Dan than I have in the past 25 years.

I took one little tiny piece of advice each time I saw him, and put it into action. Layer by old rotten thinking layer, I noticed a positive change in my being. My resentments got softer, my self-talk got better, my activities got healthier and my mindset was at a pivotal point to change greatly into what I see and believe now. 

I now know I have worth, I can stand up for myself, I love my own company, I am not so afraid. So if you have hit your 'rock bottom' again and are wanting to get out of another 'rut' in life, know that you can do this, you can change yourself into what you have always dreamed to be, and when you are ready, Lives Lived Well will show you how to do just that!!!!